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KENYAM - Water Treatment Center Water Supply - Sewerage - Bosinis Antonios - Kalamata


Our company KENYAM - Water Treatment Center Water Supply of Antonis Bosini, has been active here for years in the field of water supply and water treatment. In collaboration with the company Veluda, which has top-notch water purification systems, we undertake the installation of Countertop Water Filters, Countertop Filters and Thermocoolers.
Everything to enjoy clean, crystal clear water!

The filters needed to treat the water consumed by a family depend on the initial composition of the water to be treated. If it has an increased salt content, a system with a reverse osmosis membrane will be needed for drinking water. If the water is hard, you will need a water softener for the whole house. In any case, however, it is useful to install sediment filters in the main supply and activated carbon filters in the taps to remove chlorine (and not only) from the mains water which in most cities is added to disinfect it. We also recommend the use of a dechlorination filter for the water we bathe in.