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Heliothermia & Geothermia
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The company KENYAM, which is based in the Kalamata region, has been active for years in the field of plumbing works with respect for the customer, trust and quality, always using the best materials on the market. Having experience and know-how, our company undertakes all the necessary work for the proper operation of Solar & Geothermal installations.

Solar thermal technology (or solar heating) converts solar energy into useful heat: economically, efficiently and safely. All that is needed is solar radiation and the technology of solar systems. A solar collector measuring 4 to 6 square meters is enough to supply hot water to an average household of 4 people. In this way, solar heat covers 25% of the human need for energy. Then you can easily save around 80% of the energy used for space heating, with the sole condition that you support your heating with solar energy.


Geothermal energy
The soil at a depth of about two meters has a constant temperature of 17°-18° (winter - summer). The soil absorbs 50% of the solar energy, creating a huge storehouse of thermal energy under our feet. So by placing a network of water pipes in the ground at a depth of 1.5-2m we manage to have a water temperature in the pipes of about 17°C. With a pump, we lead the water from the pipes to the pipes inside the floor (the well-known underfloor), with the result that in the summer months when the temperature is 30-35°C, we offer the room a coolness inside the floor at a temperature of 17°-20°C about. This means that the use of a/c (air conditioning) is no longer needed. In winter, we take the water from the ground, lead it to the geothermal pump, raise the water temperature from 17°C to 40°C at minimal cost, and then lead the hot water to the pipes located inside the floor (underfloor) and create a constant 24-hour temperature inside the building of 20°C to 21°C.